SportReTiNA video analysis tool

Welcome to the first alpha release of the SportReTiNA video analysis and comparison tool. This is a web based app that any sport coach or athlete can use for free on a laptop or tablet to perform some qualitative analysis of their technical skills.

It allows you to upload up to 4 videos from other web sources (ie Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram or direct video URL), and play them back simultaneously in the same window side-by-side, in slow motion (forwards and backwards) and you can synchronise the videos manually. You can also start each video from a specific time.

You can also use links of selected videos of professional players (mainly tennis at the moment) from an existing collection that has been manually compiled. In the next release, the tool will be more mobile phone friendly and there will also be some elementary drawing tools to help you with your detailed analysis.

Please, watch the video tutorial below or jump straight in to the login section.

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